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Palliative Care

We work closely with GP’s and health specialists to make sure our residents in palliative care are as comfortable as possible, whilst respecting their wishes and supporting their families too

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care helps those with a terminal illness manage their symptoms and feel as comfortable as possible. It is not meant to provide a cure, but rather prioritise comfort and ease.

Our homes have a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, allowing residents to bring their own belongings and furniture to make it feel like home.

Our experienced and caring team understands the importance of providing a supportive and comforting environment for all those in need of palliative care.

Palliative Care Summary

  • 24 hour care for those facing a terminal illness
  • Focused on relieving pain and managing symptoms for comfort
  • Each individual has an end of life plan to fulfil their wishes for their final moments.
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What is involved with palliative care?

Our experienced care teams partner with local healthcare providers to honour the personal preferences of each individual.

Advance care planning allows residents to carry on living their life, with the assurance that their end-of-life wishes will always guide care decisions. Our homes offer a secure and calming environment for those close to passing and their loved ones, where they can experience compassion while having peace of mind that their physical needs are being expertly managed. Our reputation for exceptional end-of-life care is a reflection of this commitment.

Giving you peace of mind

At an Aria Care home, new residents and their loved ones become part of our family. Our staff offer emotional support and form close, genuine relationships. We pay attention to the small details, like displaying a favourite picture, and offer daily one-on-one time to people in bed, including shared pastimes like reminiscing and reading.

We encourage residents to join in with life and activities at the home where possible, with a wide range of activities to help them enjoy their last days.

Team members play a significant role in enhancing the lives of residents and their families. This could range from a comforting embrace from a housekeeping staff member to the chef preparing a beloved dish. Residents, their families, and loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that their changing care needs will be taken care of without the disruption and stress commonly experienced with transferring to a hospital or hospice.

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