Together Thursday’s at the Oaken Holt Estate

Julie Reeve, Home Manager at the Oaken Holt Estate, shares with us the ideas behind the event series Together Thursdays

What inspired you to set up Together Thursdays?
We have a lovely setting here at the Estate and have often held coffee mornings in both of our homes. We decided to host regular coffee mornings, but with a specific purpose.
I was able to pinpoint four different kinds of care categories that I felt would benefit from a support network and those are the focus for these coffee mornings.

What are the topics and themes?
We have focused on Parkinsons, Stroke, Dementia – with a Dementia Friendly Cinema and lastly COPD and lung conditions. But if you have any worries about someone you care for, whatever the concern, we are happy to offer practical advice and signpost to support services.

Who are the sessions aimed at?
The local community, and it is open to the residents, and their relatives too. The idea is that we want to build a support network that’s inclusive, so the residents can have connections with those living with the different conditions or affected by those conditions in the community, as well as being able to see how they could enhance their lives by trying different things that others use.

How do you provide support at the sessions?
The team within the home are signposting to support services. As we build a strong group of people coming regularly to the sessions, we can reach back out to the different charities linked to those causes for them to come along and potentially co-host some of the sessions. We are hoping to work with the Asthma and Lung Society soon, and our new Community Relations Manager Emily Thompson will soon be a representative for the Asthma and Lung charity and then therefore it will become an affiliated session.

If someone wanted to get involved, who can they reach out to?

You can talk to Emily or myself at the home. All the events are listed here, we hope to see some new faces soon. A warm welcome awaits you all. Best wishes, Julie

See our events page for more information. Together Thursday’s run every Thursday all through April, May, June and beyond.

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