Gardening Competition crowns Mount Pleasant as the winner

CEO Caroline Roberts and Chief People Officer Kelly Howell presenting Mount Pleasant Home Manager Nikki with her plaque

Mount Pleasant Care Home in Burton-upon-Trent has won a competition as part of a Summer gardening competition.

The initiative was rolled out over all 50 communities to create a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor environment for their residents.

It was Mount Pleasant that stood out among the rest, emerging as the winner. The residents, colleagues, and local community joined forces to transform the care home into a blooming oasis.

Despite the challenging weather conditions, they remained undeterred and committed to their mission. The Aria in Bloom competition was a tremendous success, with all 50 communities participating, creating beautiful and welcoming homes for their residents, and the results were truly impressive.

The garden at Mount Pleasant Care Home underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collective efforts of the team, residents and local community. Brand new planters, hanging baskets, and a living wall now adorn the space, instantly brightening the surroundings. The home itself received a fresh coat of paint in the vibrant Aria Care colours, further enhancing its appeal.

All 34 of the residents took part in the project, planting their own hanging pots, which are proudly displayed outside the front of the home, adding a personal touch to the garden, and reflecting each of their personalities.

Marina Tarbatt, a resident at Mount Pleasant, expressed her delight on the project, “I had a lovely day and everyone participated, the garden looks lovely now and we have all enjoyed sitting outside when the weather is sunny to admire the new plants.”

Home Manager Nikki Kelly expressed her joy and gratitude at winning the Aria in Bloom competition, “we were thrilled to be chosen as the winner. Community participation is so important to us and this project brought everyone together.”

In recognition of their outstanding achievement, the team and residents were presented with a plaque to proudly display and a voucher to spend at the home.