Reminiscence session for residents with Jersey Heritage

Last month, Jersey Heritage came to visit L’Hermitage Care Centre, for a reminiscence session with the focus being on ‘Toys through the ages’ – including the period of the occupation of Jersey. As some residents may recall, the Channel Islands were occupied by German forces in WW2.

Jersey Heritage is dedicated to protecting Jersey’s unique culture and heritage. Through their work, such as this visit, they share the stories of what makes the island of Jersey so special. With their visit to the home, they bring some of Jersey’s heritage to life and help the residents discover the island’s history.

Bringing into the home a beautiful collection of toys and images, the visit had the residents enthralled and discussing some of their own memories of childhood days. The opportunity to look, feel, and share made for a wonderful afternoon.

Activities Coordinator Liz Thomas explains, “Residents, colleagues, visitors, and the lovely people from Jersey Heritage themselves all enjoyed the afternoon together. The session was an outright success for everyone involved. We are so pleased they were able to visit and have agreed to come back later in the year for another reminiscence session. This time it will be focused around the theme of shops.”

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Pictured above, some of the delightful collection shared with our residents by Jersey Heritage