Garden Project Continues at Ferfoot

Residents and staff at Ferfoot have continued their garden project despite the weather. Clearing flower beds and planting new foliage, along with the new addition of a homemade pot plant display has kept our Service Maintenance Officer Andy very busy!

A big thank you to him for assembling everything from the pallets to the borders and a big shout out to our Chef Lian – her ideas and knowledge in the garden are second to none and she has put in so much hard work.

Tending gardens is a lovely spring / summer activity that is great for stimulating the senses, as well as engaging residents to help maintain independence and increase socialisation within the home. Smells and scents can have several benefits from evoking memories to creating a calming influence.

Ferfoot has 52 bedrooms, with several rooms enjoying views over the gardens. The home provides residential and residential dementia care on a permanent or short stay basis.