Residents enter virtual world at Tall Trees Care Home

Residents at Tall Tree Care Home in Chipping Norton entered the virtual world recently, experiencing what virtual reality (VR) technology has to offer.

“Residents who had been quite quiet during the day come alive when we started using the VR system headset.” Jake Lines, Customer Relationship Manager at Tall Trees.

Residential care home, tall trees, provided residents with experiences such as skydiving, being by the seaside, walking in the woods, witnessing a football match, visiting a farm and attending a Methodist church with hymns within a virtual environment.

Jake continued: “We were able to provide something that many of our residents may never get to experience in the real world.”

VR headsets are being used all over the world to better the lives of the elderly by helping to reduce loneliness, improve mental health and transport them to distant places without needing to leave the comfort of their home.

Tall Trees Care Home provides residential, nursing and dementia care on a permanent or short stay basis. If you are looking for a care home and want to find out more about our home call freephone 0808 223 5540.