Oak Manor residents receive special thank you from King Charles

Thank you care from King Charles to the residents at Oak Manor Care Home

Last month, residents at Oak Manor Care Home sent a letter to the King. The letter was to congratulate him on his Coronation and wish him a long and happy reign. This month the residents received a card back from the King and Queen thanking them for their well wishes.

Before the King’s Coronation in May, our residents sent him a letter to wish him well for the ceremony. Our residents wanted King Charles to know that they were thinking of him.

On receiving the card from the King, our resident, Nikki expressed such joy, “This is amazing, I can’t believe it, it is great!”

Oak Manor’s Home Manager, Laura said “It meant a lot to our residents writing the King a letter and knowing we took part in something very special.

“Our residents are so kind, always thinking of others and wishing the King well is one of those examples. The day we received the card back is one to remember. The look on our residents faces when they opened and read the card from the King and Queen was a very special moment and one we will treasure. We celebrated every second of the Coronation and this is a truly special end to that”.

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