Pets As Therapy comes to Moorlands Care Home

Pet As Therapy dog, Silly, being petted Moorlands resident

This month the residents and staff at Moorlands enjoyed a visit by the team at Pets As Therapy.

Pets As Therapy is a national charity that understood the unique bond that is formed between people and animals and how that can help enhance health and wellbeing. The charity has over 4,000 volunteers with their temperament assessed pets that provide a visiting service to a number of community locations including care homes.

Animal-assisted therapy is a growing area that uses all types of animals to help people recover or cope better with health problems. It has been proven that contact with animals can help depression, loneliness, boredom and anxiety and also aid in recovery, rehabilitation and help improve mental health and wellbeing. Our residents had a wonderful time meeting ‘Sully’, with lots of smiles (from our residents) and treats (for Sully). We look forward to the next visit by Pets As Therapy.

Moorlands has 40 bedrooms, beautifully landscaped gardens, with some of the rooms overlooking the gardens. The home provides specialist residential and nursing care on a permanent or short stay basis.