Chef knighted into Order of the Disciples of Escoffier

In a special event filled with honour and culinary excellence, Gary Benton, a talented chef at L’Hermitage Care Centre in St Peter, was knighted into the Order of the Disciples of Escoffier. This prestigious recognition highlights Gary’s hard work and dedication to cooking in the hospitality industry.

Gary’s journey in the kitchen has taken him to many famous places around the world. From working at big hotels in London like The Ritz and The Royal Garden, to cooking on luxury cruise ships, he’s become a master chef, especially in pastry. Before joining L’Hermitage, Gary ran his own successful businesses, including a popular patisserie and a fine dining restaurant in Sussex.

In addition to his work in the kitchen, Gary shared his knowledge as a cooking teacher for many years. He also led the kitchens in several hotels in the Channel Islands, earning praise as a top chef.

Gary joins a group of famous chefs who were also honoured at the ceremony which took place at The Waldorf Hotel in London on March 18th.

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