Home of Compassion hosts dementia party to celebrate Alzheimer’s month

Home of Compassion residents chair dancing

Residents, their loved-ones and carers at Home of Compassion Care Home gathered at the end of the summer to throw a Hawaiian-themed dementia party, celebrating Alzheimer’s month.

Relatives were emersed into the residents daily life, resulting in shared connection through singing, dancing and creating memories.

Pam Jeffels, Customer Relationship Advisor at Home of Compassion said: “As part of the Alzheimer’s Month we thought it would be important to all relatives to find a space to connect with their residents through a series of activities so they can create new memories and have the opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

“The main idea was to bring the relatives into the residents’ routine so they could see what they do here in the home, and they could take part coming into the residents world.”

Evidence has shown that music and dancing can have positive effects on people living with dementia such as the recalling of information, minimising the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), tackling anxiety and depression and retaining speech and language.

Research also highlights the positive impact on caregivers and families, suggesting that engaging in music-based interventions can help them to better understand residents and loved-ones.

Pam continued to comment on the success of the party by saying: “We had a phenomenal response. Relatives did find that connection and were able to step a little bit closer to their loved ones. We danced, we sang, we enjoyed bubbles to the sound of ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ song which was very much enjoyed by everyone. The afternoon was a great success, and the feedback was amazing!”

Aria Care Group is the only care group with its own accredited City and Guilds dementia care training, innovative dementia friendly design, and support for the whole family in which music plays a part.

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