Chair dancing gets going at St Georges Care Home

Residents at St Georges Care Home in Bristol had a wonderful time getting into the rhythm of chair dancing – as they were joined by professional dancer, Lauren.

Lauren, who specializes in chair dancing, brought her unique style of dance to the care home, entertaining the residents with her lively and energetic moves. The performance was held in the home’s communal area, and the residents were delighted to be able to take part in the fun.

Many of the residents, who are typically confined to their chairs or beds due to mobility issues, were able to get up and dance with Lauren. The experience was not only fun, but it also provided a much-needed opportunity for physical activity and social interaction.

The staff at St Georges Care Home was thrilled to see their residents having such a wonderful time, and they praised Lauren for her ability to engage and entertain the group.

“Lauren did an amazing job,” said home manager, Vina Fernandes. “She brought so much joy and happiness to our residents. The chair dancing was a great opportunity for them to connect with others, laugh, and enjoy the moment – providing a much-needed opportunity for physical activity and social interaction.”

The staff at St Georges Care Home is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of their residents and today’s chair dancing performance was just another example of their commitment to making a positive difference.

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