A special thank you from King Charles for Riverside Place resident

Riverside Place Care Home resident receives card from the King regarding her wining stamp design October 2023

The community at Riverside Place Care Home were excited to receive a special thank you letter from the King. The letter was in response to a stamp competition that the home had entered.

We asked all our colleagues and residents to create an alternative stamp design using his Majesty’s portrait and one of our residents, Barbara, was one of the winning entries. A copy of the design was sent to the palace.

We were overjoyed to receive a card back from the King and Queen thanking us for our well wishes and a copy of our version of a new stamp.

We were so pleased and honoured to receive a card back acknowledging our letter and stamp design. Barbara is a fantastic artist and her reaction to her stamp design being acknowledged by King Charles III was priceless.

Pinching herself, Barbara said “is this really happening?”. The day we received the card back is one to remember. The look on our residents faces when they opened and read the card from the King and Queen was a very special moment and one, we will treasure.

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