Special guest at Oaken Holt Care Home

Oaken Holt Care Home, located in Oxfordshire, England, has welcomed a special guest for ten nights. Poppy, a friendly and affectionate Lhasa Apso has become a resident of the care home to bring joy, a calming effect and comfort to the residents

Poppy has been making rounds in the care home, visiting with each resident in their rooms and spending time with them. The residents have been thrilled to have Poppy’s company, with many of them sharing fond memories of their own pets.

According to the care home staff, Poppy has been a big hit with the residents, who have been brightening up with her visits. One resident at Oaken Holt have said “It is so lovely to see a well behaved and affectionate dog” another said “I am delighted to see a beautiful dog in our home, it has brought so much joy to use all. It’s amazing how something so small can make you feel amazing.”

Poppy’s stay at Oaken Holt Care Home follows the same concept as therapy dogs, providing companionship and emotional support to the residents, in particular those living with dementia. Poppy’s visit has been highly successful, with residents reporting improved moods and reduced levels of loneliness and depression.

Oaken Holt’s manager, Michael Daglish, said he was thrilled to be able to bring Poppy to the care home and bring joy to the residents. “Poppy has a special talent for making people feel better, I’m so happy that she can bring some comfort to the residents at Oaken Holt Care Home.”

The care home staff are also thrilled to have Poppy on-site, and they have been taking advantage of the opportunity to give residents an extra level of care and support.

Poppy’s stay at Oaken Holt Care Home has been a huge success, bringing happiness and comfort to the residents. Pet therapy is a great example of how animals can make a positive impact on people’s lives, and it is a heart-warming reminder of the importance of human-animal bonds.

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