Pamper session delights at Oaken Holt

Oaken Holt Care Home Pamper Session in November 2023

The community at Oaken Holt Care Home were treated to a day of relaxation and fun, with a pamper session in their very own beauty salon.

Our residents enjoy a relaxed and fun lifestyle at Oaken Holt, and sister home Wytham House, and recently participated in a pamper session where our lovely ladies and gents were treated to a haircut and having their nails painted.

Home Manager of Oaken Holt and Wytham House, Michael said “why stop doing what you love doing just because you have moved into a care home. We try to provide all sorts of services and activities that our wonderful residents can enjoy and get involved in”.

Everyone who joined in the pamper session had a fantastic time and we all look forward to the next ‘spa day’ at the home.

Oaken Holt Care Home provides residential care on a permanent or short stay basis. If you are looking for a care home and want to find out more about our home call freephone 0808 223 5529.