Oak Manor feels the love on Valentine’s Day

Local school showing the love to the residents at Oak Manor Care Home for Valentine's Day 2023

The residents at Oak Manor Care Home were feeling the love last month. Children from the local school wrote lovely messages to our residents and we celebrated with chocolate hearts and a special meal.

All our residents wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The ethos here at Oak Manor is to spread love and kindness, which is something we all feel passionate about.

Some of our team members’ children attend the local school, so we invited them to write lovely messages to our residents. On Valentine’s Day we received the cards and messages. We read through them with our residents – it was so wonderful! We also bought lots of chocolate hearts and spread them around the home for our residents.

In addition to this we also celebrated the day with a delicious meal, lovingly prepared by our wonderful chef. All our residents and team members had a great time and enjoyed the meal – we really felt the love!

Home Manager, Laura said “Everyone had a wonderful day, as an Oak Manor family we enjoyed celebrating love in all forms and had the best time celebrating with a delicious valentine’s day meal and special treats, handmade valentine’s day cards and simply spreading the love to everyone who visited.”

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