Knowle Park unveils impressive refurbishment


Knowle Park has been celebrating the completion of its extensive refurbishment and revival project.

The event brought residents, colleagues, and members of the local community together to witness the grand unveiling of its stunning transformation.

As part of Aria Care’s ambitious £18 million revival project, Knowle Park has undergone a comprehensive makeover. The community is now poised to offer an exceptional experience, seamlessly blending modern amenities with timeless charm.

The local community and esteemed guests, including The Mayor of Waverley, Councillor Penny Rivers and her Consort, Councillor Paul Rivers, graced the event with their presence. Their support added to the excitement and significance of this special occasion.

The highlight of the event was the ribbon cutting in the bistro to celebrate the relaunch. The revamped bistro is set to become the heart of Knowle Park, offering a place for dining and social engagement.

Notable features of the refurbishment programme include:

  • Redecoration of the main resident day spaces including lounges and dining rooms.
  • Refurbished bedrooms and en-suites for improved comfort.
  • A new hair salon offering residents the opportunity to engage in self-care.
  • Brand new spa bathroom offering the opportunity to indulge in a spa-like experience.

Caroline Roberts, CEO of Aria Care, said: “Ensuring the wellbeing and comfort of the people that live and work in our communities has always been our top priority. By revitalising our communities, we aim to create a nurturing and vibrant atmosphere that truly feels like home, where care is given from the heart.”

This transformation represents a new chapter in Knowle Park’s rich history, promising their continuing commitment to providing the best possible care and living environment.