Kippingtons resident with a penchant for mischief celebrates birthday

Kippingtons Birthday

A cherished resident at Kippingtons Nursing Home in Sevenoaks recently marked a special occasion as she celebrated her birthday surrounded by her friends.

Having called Kippingtons her home since November 2019, Anne’s vibrant spirit and infectious laughter have become an integral part of the community.

When asked about her interests, Anne’s laughter filled the room as she confessed her love for indulging in good food, watching quiz shows on TV, shopping, savouring hot chocolate, and engaging in card games, even if she occasionally forgets the rules and improvises.

Reflecting on her younger days, Anne fondly remembered tending to a small garden with her father, enjoying the beauty of colourful scented flowers. While she declined the offer of a garden patch at Kippingtons expressing with a giggle, “no I have done it before and don’t wish to do it again, it’s my time to relax and that’s hard work but I will watch you do it!” Anne does however get involved with potting seedlings and enjoys helping them grow.

Anne’s professional journey led her through various roles at a bank, with her favourite being a cashier, where she delighted in chatting with customers while knitting during her spare moments. Despite being offered the chance to marry, Anne followed her heart, preferring the freedom to pursue her own happiness without constraints.

“Anne is indeed a character that brings life into Kippingtons,” remarked Esther Appiah, Home Manager at Kippingtons. “Her infectious giggle and penchant for mischief brighten our days, reminding us all to embrace happiness and laughter.”

As Anne blows out the candles on her birthday cake, she shares her simple yet profound secret to a happy life: “Just be happy, you will live longer if you smile.”

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