World Chocolate Day 2022 at Hulcott Care Home

World choc day at Hulcott Care Home

Hulcott Care Home were delighted to take part in World Chocolate Day 2022. On 7th
July Hulcott, together with Poplar Grove Practice enjoyed a selection of chocolates and chocolate milkshakes to enjoy the day.

The home manager took some chocolates to their local GP practice, whose manager said: “thank you to all the team at Hulcott Nursing Home for your generosity. It was such a lovely and unexpected surprise and the whole team tucked into the chocolates.”

Whether it’s used to coat other nuts and candies, melted over fruit or shaven onto a tasty dessert, chocolate always hits the spot, milk, white and dark! Around 1 billion people around the world enjoy chocolate of some kind every day. Established in 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the supposed anniversary of the day that this iconic dessert made its entrance into Europe in 1550.

This sweet treat has been found to be a powerful source of antioxidants, as well as increasing serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps boost people’s moods. Tons of treats are made from chocolate – hot chocolate, chocolate milk, chocolate cake and brownies to name a few. Which are your favourites?

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