Bouquet of celebrations at Hulcott Care Home

Local stakeholders of Hulcott Care Home holding flowers

Residents and staff at Hulcott Care Home have been busy enjoying a ‘bouquet’ of celebrations this January – everything from recognising the Year of the Rabbit, giving out gifts on International Thank-You Day to flower arranging for light-bearing members of the Aylesbury community.

Emma Fielder, Home Manager at Hulcott Care Home is pleased with how the celebrations have gone: “The team are enthusiastic, caring and compassionate. We all work together to ensure the home offers its best to our residents, relatives and staff. There are a wide range of daily activities, events and themed days to engage residents and ensure all their needs are met.

“So far in January we have:

“Recognised the Chinese New Year – sampling a selection of Chinese cuisine and some fortune cookies.

“Celebrated International Flower Day by flower arranging, crafting and participating in flower games. The flowers our residents arranged were presented to Sherrilyn from the Aylesbury Foodbank and also to the Poplar Grove Practice – Thank you to both teams for all that you do! Enjoy your flowers and gifts!

“Arranged a full day of ‘thank you’ on International Thank-You Day. Our home’s Wellbeing Lead, Decena, arranged the heart-warming activities which come with plenty of treats.”

Hulcott provides residential, nursing and dementia care on a permanent or short stay basis. If you are looking for a care home and want to find out more about our home call freephone 0808 223 5514.