Gildawood Court celebrates with improved Good CQC rating

Gildawood Court Care Home staff holding up their new CQC good rated banner outside the front of the home

On the 14th of July during an unannounced inspection, Gildawood Court, previously rated ‘Requires Improvement’, was praised for its kind, caring and relaxed atmosphere, with inspectors observing ‘warm and thoughtful interactions between staff and residents’.

In the report, staff were found to spend time learning about the residents they cared for. This includes the use of a ‘this is me’ file, containing information on each resident’s likes and dislikes, helping staff to form long-lasting relationships with residents.

This was evident when inspectors oversaw several positive interactions including one staff member sitting with a resident holding their hand and gently stroked their hair away from their eyes. Another staff member was also found to recognise a resident was cold and closed the window and placed a blanket on their legs whilst rubbing their hands.

Adopting a kind and caring approach towards their care, one relative described how they had chosen Gildawood Court to care for their relative because of how well they had previously cared for another relative.

In the report it was found Gildawood Court supports staff and helps them to develop, ensuring the wellbeing of the residents they look after. Speaking positively about the training they received, the staff informed inspectors they regularly had opportunities to discuss their development with their manager with one staff member recounting recently completing their health and social care diploma.

This was aided by the fact a new Home Manager was appointed last year and under their leadership, the home has introduced consistent standards and improved the level of quality in every service leading to an improved CQC rating.

Gildawood Court Home Manager, Hayley Rix, commented: “We are delighted with our latest improved CQC report as we feel it reflects all the hard work, we’ve put into making Gildawood what it is today. We’re creating a safe and supportive space for our residents and their families, filled with choices about the kind of care they receive.

“Our team has been equipped with all the skills they need to support and care for our residents. They take the time to listen and act on what they’re being told, helping us go above and beyond to ensure our residents are happy.”

It was also highlighted that staff at Gildawood encourage every one of its residents to make their own decisions and give them choices regarding their care. Working collaboratively to offer the very best level of service, inspectors noted how the cultural needs of people within the home are met and staff are encouraged and empowered to know what is important to the residents.