Melodies, Rhythm, and Opera at Deer Park View

Harry Kersley and residents at Deer Park View

At the beginning of April, Harry Kersley came to Deer Park View Care Centre to sing to our residents. Harry is a classically trained professional tenor who can sing in operatic style. Over the last couple of months, he’s been visiting several care homes across our aria care family, where he has put on performances for the residents.

One evening recently, Harry came and sang some opera and classical songs; In fact, some of the songs made an ode to the resident’s past. A gesture that touched some of them deeply as it was quite nostalgic.

The wonderful event was the result of the aria care Art Competition, that is happening within the homes. Residents enjoyed this so much that some said, “it was like we were at the opera house”.

Using music as a form of therapy can help in multiple areas of the health and wellbeing of seniors, it can increase people’s motivation, and emotional support for staff and loved ones. As well as being a healthy outlet to express feelings and emotions.

According to research, for people who have conditions such as dementia, music therapy can improve reality orientation. For them to be played music that is related to certain events or moments of their lives, they, may be able to realize their reality in a way that is empathetic to their needs, while providing an affirming sense of joy.

Deer Park View and the whole team at aria care are grateful to Harry Kersley for sharing his wonderful talents with the residents and staff.

Deer Park View, rated as Good overall by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), is in the town of Teddington in Middlesex. It boosts all the amenities of a modern home, plenty of places to relax or entertain and it is near cafes, and shops which residents and families really enjoy.