Touching memorial garden for Brook House families

Rhiannon Crofts, Home Manager at Brook House Care Home in Towcester, Northampton has a created a special place at the home.

“I wanted a memorial garden here at Brook House to celebrate the lives lived by our residents. It shows how important each resident was and despite not being with us they are still very important to us.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time and one of the hardest parts of losing someone is the gap left behind. Creating this memorial garden ensures that someone who has died is remembered in the future. Our memorial garden can benefit relatives and staff too, who may have lost a friend at the home. We can all come here to reflect on cherished memories.

Every resident here at Brook House Care Home makes a significant contribution to our Brook House family and they will always be remembered. Because all residents remain important to us even though they are no longer with us, I aimed to create a place where families can come and have the time to reflect and remember their loved ones. I want the families to know that their loved one wasn’t just another resident, but an important part of our Brook House family.

When a family loses their loved one, often they lose the extended family of the home, as they do not feel that they can visit again but by having a memorial they will always be welcome here at Brook House. A place to remember that their loved one was happy.“