Memories of a Lifetime at Bradbury House

Bradbury House Care Home residents reminiscing on past Coronations as part of celebrations for King Charles Coronation May 2023

Bradbury House Care Home is preparing to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles by looking back on the memories of its residents who witnessed Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953. Among them are Violet McFarland and Helen Reynolds, who both vividly remember the historic event.

Violet McFarland, aged 100, has been a resident at Bradbury House for two years. Not many people can say they are about to experience their third coronation within two centuries, as Violet would have been fourteen when King George VI ascended the throne. Violet vividly recalls the Queen’s Coronation on 2nd June 1953, where she managed to squeeze through the large crowds to the barrier and watch the procession go past.

Helen Reynolds, aged 86, has been a resident at Bradbury House Care Home for nearly two years. She remembers living in London with her aunties at the time. They were still rationed on certain items after the war, so they were really excited to have extra rations of sugar and margarine to make a cake for the Coronation. Helen lived in the East End of London and remembers having to walk far to see the procession. Helen also remembers the street party that followed, with a real sense of community spirit as people came together to celebrate.

As King Charles’ Coronation approaches, Violet and Helen will be watching with the rest of our residents and team at Bradbury House. The day will start with a delicious brunch, followed by a party with a singer, buffet, and lots of dancing!

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