Meet the Home Manager – Kayleigh Frulli – Magna Care Centre

Meet Kayleigh Frulli, home manager at Magna Care Centre. Discover more about how her dedication enhances the lives of her residents and their loved ones.

Can you describe a particularly rewarding or memorable experience you’ve had while working here?

After 14 years of service at Magna, it really is so hard to narrow down just one moment that has felt the most rewarding. Some of the moments that jump out at me are watching a husband and wife reunited for the first time in over a year, their beaming smiles and tears of joy as they reached out and held hands.

The magical moment of watching a gentleman, named Tom, walk from being restricted to bed. He arrived to receive end of life care but I just knew his story wasn’t over yet. He also learnt to paint with his left hand and enjoy art again.

What do you enjoy most about your role here on a day-to-day basis?

I enjoy the social interaction, the small passing chats or the big meaningful conversations. I enjoy unlocking my office and knowing that within a minute of turning the key it will be heard by resident Mary who greets me with a happiest good morning you will ever hear!

How has Aria Care supported your professional growth since you joined?

I have been fortunate to have been invited to participate in Aria’s first cohort of Inspiring Leaders Programme. The amazing insight sessions, learning about my leadership style and personality have been so intriguing and of course the practical skills around financial and HR knowledge have been invaluable. I feel that Aria wants me to grow and succeed in my role as Home Manager.

What motivates you to come to work every day, and how do you feel your work makes a difference in the lives of residents?

Every day is so very different, and each day there is a chance you will make a difference to an individual’s life. It could be a resident, a family member, a colleague or a general visitor. Just a small gesture, a smile can be enough to make someone’s day.

Can you recall a moment where you felt particularly proud of your contributions to the team or to a resident’s wellbeing?

I’m proud of how I have led my team through some very turbulent times of uncertainty and high emotion, such as the pandemic. Keeping a cool and level head and keeping the focus on maintaining the safety of our team and the residents. I made sure that everyone felt supported, reassured and appreciated through daily thank you gestures, information bulletins and 1:1 chats.

How would you describe the culture and atmosphere here, and how does it contribute to your overall job satisfaction?

The culture is one of openness and support. There is a real sense of belonging and family. Colleagues supporting colleagues and sharing ideas, I am proud to be Magna Care Centre’s Home Manager.