Sorrento Chair aids Sundridge Court residents

Sundridge Court residents on the mini bus ready for their trip

Sundridge Court resident Phillip and his wife were able to take a trip out together with the help of the homes Sorrento Chair. Phillip’s wife had cared for him for a long time before she decided he needed extra help and found a place for Phillip at the Bromley care home.

The Sorrento Chair has been clinically designed to reduce pressure injuries, prevent sliding, falls and safely increase early mobilisation.

The team at Sundridge Court came up with the idea of using the chair to enable the couple to go out together for the afternoon on a minibus trip around Westerham. They had ice-cream as a treat and found the drive brought back lots of fond memories. It really helped boost Phillip’s spirits.

The following week we took out resident Kathleen and her niece. It had been a long time since Kathleen had been able to get out and loved her trip to Greenwich Park, where they both enjoyed a lovely cup of tea. Kathleen has a sister in a care home not too far away, which she hasn’t seen face-to-face for a long time. We are hoping to organise a catch up in the near future.

The next time we go out we are taking our resident Simon, who has struggled mentally since having a stroke, we are hoping this will boost his morale.

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