My journey as an apprentice at Magna Care Centre


Meet Lily, Senior Carer at Magna Care Centre

What inspired you to pursue an apprenticeship in a care home setting?

I always found myself a caring person and started to look for care jobs. When I started at Magna, I enjoyed doing my eLearning and care booklets, therefore I learned a lot, even things that I didn’t know existed. I was always interested in learning more and more and always asked for more training and that’s still the same now. My goals are to develop and grow my skills as much as possible for a better future. I would love for Nursing to be my next step. 

Can you share some of the most positive experiences you’ve had during your apprenticeship in our care home, and the key skills you’ve gained?

I enjoyed completing my NVQ a few years ago. Not long ago I was offered the opportunity to be the people moving and handling in-house trainer. I enjoyed the course a lot and helped me to develop my job role and support our residents. 

When I was offered the Senior role a few years ago that was a big opportunity for me and a big step in enhancing my skills, giving me the opportunity to learn how to administer medication and support residents even more every day.                

How has the support and mentorship from our team contributed to your learning and overall experience as an apprentice?

I am and always have been very supported while doing my training, the opportunity to go into Magna in my free time to complete some training and do some at home does help a lot as well. I am now studying for NVQ 4 and I have been given a lot of support from my manager and team and to be covered on my working hours if needed to complete my training.  

In what ways do you feel this apprenticeship has contributed to your personal and professional growth?

I am always happy to learn more and develop my skills. I have seen a completely different person in myself since I started at Magna. There is a lot of things that I didn’t even know existed. The support and difference I get to make to residents’ lives is unbelievable, only those who work in a care home are aware of these and how residents become like family to us, it’s hard to explain and would encourage people to experience it for themselves.   

Would you recommend an apprenticeship at our care home to others, and how has this experience influenced your future career aspirations?

Absolutely, I would definitely recommend anyone that is happy to learn and develop for their future to join us. Aria Care does give us a lot of opportunities to learn with a lot of support and help from the team. 

Kayleigh Frulli, Home Manager at Magna Care Centre: “Lily’s commitment to learning is admirable, she continues to want to develop her skills and knowledge to be able to better support those in her care and to guide her colleagues to give high quality care.”