Celebrating Nutrition & Hydration Week with James Clear, Hospitality Director

Exciting times this week as James Clear, Hospitality Director at Aria Care, invites you on a delightful journey through Nutrition & Hydration Week in our communities! We’re kicking off with ‘Monday Munchies’, where everyone can enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh fruit platters and tempting bite-sized snacks.

Come ‘Tasty Tuesday’, our creative chefs will experiment with new and exciting flavours that may enrich our future menus. As the week progresses, ‘Thirsty Thursday’ will ensure hydration is anything but mundane, offering a refreshing array of infused waters, fruit smoothies, and more to keep spirits high and hydration levels higher.

‘Fish Friday’ is getting a makeover, too. The menu will focus on nutritious fish varieties and a range of stir-fries and vegetarian options, all designed to keep the Friday feeling going strong in a healthy way.

Saturday is especially exciting as there will be an Open Day at our participating homes. This is an opportunity for potential new residents and their families to discover the warm, welcoming atmosphere that defines our communities. It’s a fantastic chance to sample our hospitality, with delicious canapés and drinks.

Our celebration of Nutrition & Hydration Week will conclude with ‘Sweet Treat Sunday’, promising a day filled with joy and indulgence to end the week on a sweet note.

This special week embodies our commitment to putting our residents at the heart of everything we do, creating not just meals but moments of joy, connection, and belonging. So, listen to James’s warm welcome and celebrate the wonderful blend of nutrition, hydration, and community spirit that makes our care homes stand out.

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