Lovely Louisa Turns 100 at Coxhill Manor

Louisa with Woking Mayor celebrating her 100th Birthday at Coxhill Manor Care Home 2023

Louisa has been with us at Coxhill Manor Care Home for over a year now and has fully embraced life here. She has built wonderful relationships with staff and residents alike and she is a much-loved member of the Coxhill family!

Louisa was born in London on June 18th 1923, four years behind her elder brother George. She had a wonderful childhood and was very close to her parents.

Louisa worked in the temporary Civil Service from 1940 then passed her exams to move on to the permanent Civil Service in 1946. Louisa got married in 1963 to her beloved Malcom. They moved to the country just outside Billingshurst, Louisa describes herself as a real country girl. She once was found herding in the neighbouring farmers cows when they had escaped onto the road. She even got a salute from the waiting lorry driver! Louisa has a passion for gardening and used to grow her own vegetables too.

Louisa misses the country life but says Coxhill Manor and its country setting gives her the perfect space to enjoy nature and wildlife again. She loves sitting in the beautiful garden watching the birds, rabbits, squirrels and even the visiting magpie!

The one constant in Louisa’s life is her Christian faith and she is grateful for the opportunities to continue her worship and study at Coxhill Manor. Louisa enjoys lots of the activities and engagements at the home, she is a huge asset to Poetry Club and enjoys pamper days, bingo, quizzes, visiting animals and all the events and celebration days. Louisa’s Christmas card design was also selected to be printed as one of Coxhill Manor’s official Christmas cards!

There was a huge turn out of family and friends to celebrate Louisa’s 100th birthday. She was absolutely delighted when the Woking Mayor, Counsellor M Ilyas Raja and his lovely wife showed up to wish her a happy birthday too. It was a truly glorious day celebrating the life of such a wonderful lady.

When asked, what is the secret to a long life, Louisa’s answer is simply “my mother”. Louisa’s mother was such a fit and healthy woman and Louisa firmly believes it’s down to inheriting her mother’s good genes!

Louisa says, “Coxhill Manor is such a happy place to be, I feel so lucky to be here. I can’t praise all the staff enough. I wasn’t lucky enough to have a family of my own and Sudhir (our Home Manager), has gifted me a family of my own in Coxhill… only complaint is that I have put weight on because the food is good and I do enjoy it!”.

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Poem for Louisa, by Joanna:

Louisa at 100

Louisa at 100 is something I’ve never seen,
Her mind is sharp, her words are smart,
She always says what she means

Louisa at 100, questions things I say,
I stop, listen and love the discussions,
She makes me think a different way

Louisa teaches me, inspires me
And makes me laugh out loud,
I can’t help but totally love her
And I want to make her proud

Louisa at 100
Is a tiny woman indeed, but a HUGE asset to Poetry Club
She’s everything we need
Opinionated with an open mind,
a strong will and superb conversation skills
Yes, Louisa at 100 is beautiful and kind

Louisa at 100
is 100 redefined!