Coxhill Manor couple celebrate 68 years of love and kindness

Coxhill Manor Valentines - Irene and Rob

Love is in the air at Coxhill Manor Nursing and Residential home in Chobham, where Rob and Irene Newbold, residents since July 2023, are captivating everyone with their heartwarming journey. This Valentine’s Day, Coxhill Manor celebrates the enduring love and kindness of this remarkable couple.

Their love story began during a Christian holiday in Kent at the age of 19, with Rob playfully claiming the title of Irene’s “toy boy,” given the mere three weeks that separate them in age. Their first date after a Bible study marked the beginning of a love that transcended distance, sustained by letters and occasional phone calls.

Married on November 19th, 1955, Rob and Irene spent a mere three weeks together between their first meeting and tying the knot, a testament to their destined connection. The couple had three children.

Rob and Irene’s shared Christian faith has been a strong foundation of their relationship. As has their appreciation for each other – they never take each other for granted and always say thank you. Irene’s good night kiss to Rob every evening is always followed with a thank you.

Their love is tangible as they walk through Coxhill Manor, always holding hands and looking out for one another.

Recently celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary at Coxhill Manor, Rob and Irene Newbold are an inspiring example of a lifelong partnership filled with love and kindness. The occasion was marked with a joyous tea party, a beautiful cake, flowers, and fizz for all the residents and colleagues at Coxhill Manor.

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