Memories of a Lifetime at Brook House

Brook House Care Home  resident sharing memories of her Coronation experiences over the past century May 2023

Not many people can say they are about to experience their third coronation within two centuries, but Grace Cockshott, who is a resident at Brook House Care Home, is getting ready to enjoy Charles III’s coronation this weekend.

Born on 2nd June 1920 in London, Grace was sixteen when George VI ascended the throne, and vividly remembers Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation on 2nd June 1953. Sleeping on the pavement to get a prime spot near Westminster Abbey with her cousin and niece the night before, Grace’s niece kept asking the time every few minutes – until midnight when she said, “Happy Birthday Auntie Grace”, making it a double celebration for Grace that day! They were delighted to see the Guards and very amused to see Queen Sālote of Tonga, a larger lady, riding in an open carriage with the tiny Sultan Ibrahim IV of Kelantan!

Grace went on to have two children of her own, and then four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, and family remains an essential part of her life. Her passions include knitting and needlework, making her own clothes, cooking, card-making and gardening, and has fond memories of cruise holidays. When asked about her secret to living a long and fulfilling life, Grace said, “being content and satisfied.”

As King Charles’ Coronation approaches, Grace will be celebrating with our residents and care team at Brook House, where the community has been decorated to evoke a street party feel to enjoy this historic event.

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