Aria Care strives for ‘better together’ with refurbishment project

In March 2023 Aria Care embarked on a significant million pound refurbishment programme to improve the communities within our portfolio.

The project, which totals more than £18 million investment, has already neared completion within 12 communities and is due to be rolled out among Aria Care’s other communities over the coming months. Here are a few examples of the standard of refurbishment that our residents can expect to enjoy.

Communal spaces have been meticulously designed to nurture a strong sense of community and promote well-being. Residents can unwind in spacious lounges adorned with a soothing colour palette and tasteful furnishings, providing comfortable seating and inviting settings for both social interaction and relaxation.

In many cases bedrooms have been thoughtfully furnished with careful selection of colours fostering a serene and tranquil atmosphere whilst allowing residents to add a personal touch so they feel at home.



We have played to the strengths of each home with some of our key rooms lavishly and beautifully renewed, breathing new life into many of our communal settings. Whether it is hair salons, garden seating areas, lounges, cafe’s or dining rooms, the benefits of our refurbishments will be enjoyed by many of our residents with more to come in the next stage of our investment.  

Aria Care’s vision is to be the leading care provider, recognised for its exceptional quality of care, innovative services and compassionate approach. The refurbishment programme aligns with this vision, encompasses various aspects, including interior upgrades, improved accessibility, inviting personal and communal spaces.

Caroline Roberts, CEO of Aria Care, said: “This investment creates the perfect place for the people we care for to feel safe, comfortable and fulfilled during their time with us.

“Ensuring the wellbeing and comfort of the people that live and work in our communities has always been our top priority. By revitalising our communities, we aim to create a nurturing and vibrant atmosphere that truly feels like home, where care is given from the heart.”



refurbished bar cafe aria care
The attention to detail and thoughtfully chosen furnishings will make the people that live here feel right at home.