Aria Care homes support Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration week at Aria Care Homes

Nutrition and hydration are something that everyone should consider and is a topic that is seriously regarded throughout our care homes.

Each year since 2012, Nutrition and Hydration Week has been held in March. Its purpose is to bring people together to create energy, focus and fun, and to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and wellbeing in health and social care.

All types of organisations get involved with this week and help promote the benefits of drinking and eating healthily.

Our Aria Care homes get involved each year to promote the key characteristics of good nutritional care, share good nutrition and hydration practices and continued education and development in the area.

Last year the residents and team at Kingsclear Care Home in Camberley enjoyed a range of themed days to celebrate the week including Thirsty Thursday with a range of smoothies and juices available. Throughout the week the hospitality team organised a range of meals and snacks including wonderfully refreshing fresh fruit.

The team at Rendlesham Care Centre in Suffolk focussed on hydration as an important element of our residents’ wellbeing and promoted healthy choices to all their residents and staff by making a refreshing fruit punch as an alternative to their usual morning hot drinks.

Our Aria Care homes consider the top priority is to ensure every resident receives the best possible care. We understand the importance of good nutrition and hydration and recognise that they are fundamental human needs. When people are ill, elderly or vulnerable, nutrition becomes even more important to us in managing their care and to ensure that they have the best chance of recovery and rehabilitation.

Our hospitality teams and chefs across our homes try to stimulate senses and increase creativity through their cooking and presentation of food. This can provide a much-improved dining experience for our residents who are living with dementia or dysphagia.

Nutrition and Hydration Week takes place between the 14th and 20th March with the highlight of the week being the Global Tea Party. Everyone is invited to hold a tea party and our homes will be joining in by holding their own during the week. This will not only show their commitment to nutritional care, but it is also a great way to bring people together and create some joy and fun!

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