An Interview with James, Floor Manager at Walstead Place

Full name:

James Easton

How long have you worked at the home?

7 years

What does your role entail?

In my role as the Floor Manager, I have the responsibility of assigning Carers each day to ensure that all our residents receive the highest level of care. Additionally, I oversee the administration of various medications. I also work closely with external services such as Doctors and District Nurses to ensure the well-being of the residents under my care, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. Lastly, I maintain regular communication with the relatives of the residents, keeping them fully informed about their loved one’s condition and seeking information about their past experiences to personalise their care even more effectively.

What inspired your decision to pursue a career in caregiving?

I have always enjoyed problem solving. Becoming a Carer has provided me with an opportunity to apply these problem-solving skills and assist our residents in overcoming their daily challenges. Working with the elderly is truly a special job and the experiences they share with you are just extraordinary. I really enjoy bringing my children into the home from time to time so they can listen to the residents’ stories as well.

What aspects of working at the home do you find fulfilling?

The most enjoyable part of working at Walstead Place is the incredible team I have the privilege of working with. I feel so supported in my role and feel confident that I can continue to learn and develop as Floor Manager. I am immensely grateful for the unwavering presence of my colleagues Teresa and Joe, as their constant support reinforces my ability to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the residents I care for.

Could you share a memorable moment from your time at the home?

My favourite moments are the constant laughs that I share with my colleagues and the residents. I really do believe that laughter is the best medicine, and this is reflected in the residents’ day to day lives, leading to improved appetite, mental health, and self-esteem.

Have you received any qualifications or awards during your tenure at the home?

During my time at Walstead Place, I have acquired several qualifications, but the ones that I take the greatest pride in are my care certificate and NVQ 2. Currently, I am working towards my NVQ 3. However, the qualification that holds the utmost significance for me is my dementia training. This training has provided me with a profound understanding of the experiences of individuals with dementia and has equipped me with valuable skills to support them in living well with this condition.

How do you define “Care From the Heart”?

To me, ‘Care From the Heart’ means getting to know our residents well and finding out what their interests are and what makes them happy. When you know all of this you can create a loving and fun environment where they can thrive and enjoy this stage of their life.