It’s all about the garden at Wytham House

Elderly female resident at Wytham House Care Home wearing a yellow Hawaiian themed necklace

A new addition in the gardens at Wytham House Care Home in Cumnor has meant that residents’ have been able to explore their senses and have a little friendly competition!

A new sandbox has been added to the garden activities, which has provided residents with a new summer sensory aid and has also started a summer of sandcastle competitions within the home!

In addition to this, residents have been putting their green fingers to good use with a spot of flower arranging. Tending flowers is a lovely summer activity that is great for stimulating the senses, as well as engaging residents to help maintain independence and increase socialisation within the home.

Smells and scents can have several benefits from evoking memories to creating a calming influence, plus a great indoor activity when the heat of the outside (and the sandcastle competitions) get a bit too much!