Experience the joy of intergenerational connections at Aria Care

During Global Intergenerational Week, we’re highlighting the meaningful connections made when different generations come together in our communities. These interactions, from school partnerships to university collaborations and community engagements, are built on genuine connections. They allow both young and old to share knowledge, stories, experiences, and laughter that help enhance the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Creating connections across generations

Aria Care actively encourages these connections, reaching out to local groups to bring the joy of youth into our communities. At Kippingtons and Thames View, for example, visits from local schools offer both children and residents delightful moments of joy and curiosity. Deer Park View’s collaboration with St Mary’s University gives social care students firsthand experience in the care sector, while residents enjoy the fresh energy and perspectives they bring. Abbeycrest warmly welcomes new parents and their babies at their weekly NCT groups. At Magna Care Centre they welcome all ages to their Chitter Chatter Club, which has helped intergenerational friendships blossom. These are just a few of the many examples of intergenerational activities within our care homes, and we always welcome opportunities for new connections.

The benefits of intergenerational interaction

We are committed to forging stronger connections with schools and community groups. Our intergenerational activities, from arts and crafts to storytelling, singing, gardening, and cooking are designed to create a vibrant and inclusive home environment that values every individual.

By integrating more young people into our activities, we not only enrich their understanding of the care sector but also cultivate a culture of empathy, respect, and unity. The London School of Economics and Political Science in their brief review ‘Do intergenerational activities do any good for older adults wellbeing?’ identified overall positive benefits from the intergenerational programmes, which can be seen in terms of improved cognitive functioning, as well as in the emotional and social dimensions of wellbeing for older adults living in the community. In our communities we have seen how our residents feel rejuvenated by animated younger visitors adding variety to their day and creating feel good moments!

Our care homes are keen to invite even more local educational groups and community members to experience the warm and welcoming environment within our communities. If you are one such organisation, please reach out today, and let’s make more heartwarming moments together.