Fruity Nutrition and Hydration week at Coxhill Manor

Coxhill Manor Nutrition and Hydration Week

The residents and colleagues at Coxhill Manor Nursing and Residential Home in Chobham have been getting creative for Nutrition and Hydration week with a range of fruity treats.

To celebrate the week the people living in our community, wellbeing colleagues and our chefs came together to make a range of fruit drinks and food to help with fruit intake which has a number of health benefits.

We had a mocktail afternoon (although a number of our residents wanted cocktails!), made pineapple birds, watermelon pizzas and a range of fruit skewers. It was wonderful to see everyone come together to make some colourful and nutritious treats for all to enjoy.

As always we had our Waterade drinks which are our sugar free vitamin drinks on offer as well. Good nutrition and hydration go hand in hand, both are essential for wellbeing at any age. Within our home we cater to a wide variety of elderly diets and individual needs on a daily basis so it was great to be able to highlight this.

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